Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Lord of the Rings movies

My dad is probably the biggest fan of the lord of the rings books and movies. Once a year we all cram on to the couch for awhile and watch the first movie, next day we watch the second and then on the third day we finish with the last movie. Now don't think that my family can't stand up to 12 hours of straight lord of the ring  power, we can and have but i don't want to do that again.  The only part of the movie that sticks in you mind is the end when EVERYONE dies. Its almost like harry potter just frodo dies too. And who is the unsung hero who they never talk about but twice, its the eagles, who saves frodo and Sam the eagle who saves gandalf, the eagles. who gets all the thought the stupid MOTH that tells you that they are coming.What's that all about I mean really, the next time you see a moth you think, well here comes the eagles. That is dumb. and frodos laugh, no one laughs like that, but it was made in the a LONG time ago. still its a timeless classic that you will enjoy. ( if you enjoy battles, fighting, little people with hairy feet, and fairy tale adventures).

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