Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello, again

Sorry about not posting all last week! I didn't have anything interesting to say. Wellllll other than the fact that I CAUGHT A ROTOM, on my Pokemon platinum. SO as everyone knows Answer Me April begins tomorrow, so start thinking up good answers for my crazy questions! Right now in the Manga department I'm working on the Pokemon Adventures, and in the Free time department Lord of the Rings... or LOTR to those hard core fans, and at school I'm reading the Outsider.

Friday, March 21, 2014

My sad, sad problem

So as of late I have been reading not average books but Japanese Manga. Who would know that a person can get so tangled up in imaginary peoples problems!! Currently I'm working on reading through Vampire Knight. Though my 'Gateway drug' so to speak was Rurouni Kenshin! The fastest, most amazingly romantic Meiji Swordsman in the whole world! Even though I've read through all the chapters of it I still keep it around for rereading! Is that sad or what!

One more if you please

Is It

Is it possible to
fall for someone you don't know
think someone you've never met is cool
have a single person on your mind no matter what

If so then
how will you meet them
how do you know what they look like
What if you're always on their mind too?

Is that what tells
That they're your soul mate
That your in love
That you just want someone to call your own?

Can you
Hear their voice inside your head
Think of the way their eyes sparkle
Think of how their hand feel in yours?

Do you
Wish they would just
Walk up to you and
Kiss you whispering

How they've never met anyone like

Another Poem By yours truly!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Answer Me April

In a week from next Tuesday I am starting up Answer me April, where (like No clue November) I will post a question every day. I ask you to answer my questions. I will look through the answer you post and choose the one I like the best and begin the next question with the answer! Please get involved, and answer me. Remember these rules though:
  1. don't call someone's answer stupid 
  2. don't use profanities because I remind you, my mom does check my blog. 
  3. I will not post rude or inappropriate answers even if they are the best one. 
  4. Have fun!
  5. Get your friends to help. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Allegiant is the thrilling ending to the trilogy of Divergent. If you enjoyed the first two books, then this explosive end to the story. Tris and Tobias are back and working harder than ever to fix their falling apart world. When they escape the fence then they're in a whole new world. Here they make new friends, get into new trouble, and get caught up in two major issues. See if you can find the end.

Monday, March 10, 2014

The End Is Near

Sorry I've not been able to post much of anything lately. I have been busy with school and all the lovely trials and tribulations that come with it. SO, lately we in the US had the most wonderful time of the year... DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, don't you just hate it! I don't know or understand why we have it, I mean eventually the day and night will each be twelve hours long... Okay, now we have all the formalities taken care of, let's get down to business. By the end is near I mean the end of school. The winter has been hard but the spring is on it's way in to kick out the winter, who has stuck in the door like the stubborn season it is. Well, any way the End of school is slowly yet surely closing in. Spring break is just around the corner so maybe I will be able to write more. I will definitely try to!