Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ozarks memories day

Ozarks memories day is a day where everyone in the town where i go to school has a day of festiveness. as always i had to preform at this carnival like day. It had everything from kiddy games to cotton candy minus the rides. My honest favorite part is the funnel cake. yesterday one exploded on me and i was wearing BLACK that was for the choir performance. I was happy that you didn't notice it to much until i changed into my band tee-shirt. I hardly messed up when doing color guard, on the stage in front of people, mind you. I also took a DWI test for one of my high school friends, don't worry i was driving a golf kart and the people were orange traffic cones. i killed three of the cones and almost fell over from laughter and confusion. I bought a pretty blue and zebra bow, the first one i am voluntarily wearing.

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