Friday, April 25, 2014

Nearer and Nearer the end comes

Yesterday's answer was... ... ... fighting a bear because when your walking if you go to fall you can just hold on to the rope and when a bear attacks you your not gunna just sit there and hold on to a rope now are you? no i didnt think so!!!!

True so true!

Today's question is...   ...   ...In ancient Rome, people would go to Gladiator fights to watch people kill each other. What did the Gladiators do to ask if they should kill someone? Who did they look at? What was the code for killing?

That is for the history buffs!

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  1. the gladiators would hold a sword to his opponents throat and he would look at either the senator or the emperor for either a thumbs up or thumbs down thumbs up meant mercy thumbs down meant death.